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Based on the Ashtanga Primary series, this Vinyasa Flow Practice is for ALL levels!  With hands on instruction, you will have the support you need to gain confidence and then you can grow to new heights in your physical practice. Emphasis on the breath (pranayama) enhances the physical practice as well as prepares the body and mind for meditation. Take your practice to new heights or start out on an exciting new adventure into Self!

Pilates Machine

Joseph Pilates created the machines to enhance and perfect the Mat work. The Reformer is true to it's name, as it supports the body in optimum alignment to achieve amazing results in a short period pf time. We also have Towers, Jump boards, the Cadillac (Trapeze Table) and Ladder Barrel. Class are limited to 3 people so you get personal attention. Sign up is required because of limited space. 

Pilates Mat

Core Strength

Joseph Pilates created this method of training in the early 1900's. It exists to this day because of the amazing results that can be achieved at any age, any fitness level. Flexibility, strength, balance and coordination are the focus of this fitness program. We utilize physioballs, dyna bands, light weights and pilates rings to expand the mat work. You, too, can achieve amazing results and change the quality of your life!

OM Nia Yoga

A fusion of Dance and Yoga with soul moving music, this practice is fun and uplifting!