Crystal Healing

Using crystals and crystal grids, the energy is amplified and the healing process boosted during massage or Reiki. Based on the science of Sacred Geometry and Vibrational Medicine, this is an amazing experience in your healing journey.

Swedish Massage

a time for you

This traditional massage is a lovely way to wind down from a stressful day or a compliment to your physical therapy and/or chiropractic sessions.  Great for reducing stress and allowing the body to naturally heal itself.


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Thai Massage with Laurie

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Passive Yoga stretching, joint mobilization, deep tissue compression and traction are the key elements to this highly effective healing modality. The kindness and compassion inherent in this work allows the recipient to fully relax, breathe and let go so the body's natural healing process is stimulated.  Working along the energy lines (sens) of the body, this powerful bodywork is relaxing and rejuvenating. The benefits of Thai Massage are cumulative and overall health improves with consistent bodywork.Get all the benefits of a physical yoga practice without doing yoga!