The How of Happiness

you are what you think

When it all comes down to it, we all just want to be happy. What defines that Happiness? And how can we be happy when things go horribly wrong? We are barraged with  sugar cravings, how to lose weight, our financial situation, the loss of a job, loss of a person, a rift in our personal relationships, dealing with addictions, even incarceration....the list goes on..... how can we be happy in any of these circumstances?

In the book, "The How of Happiness" , Happiness is scientifically calibrated and shows that some individuals are more apt to be happy than others based on their perspective/mindset. HAH-- not their environment, not their circumstances, not race, gender, time of day-- their mindset/perspective is what determines the outcome, good or bad.

This shows that each one of us can 'reset' our perspective and change how we 'see' circumstances and therefore change our brain chemistry and then change the biochemical reactions in our bodies. Which in turn can change our circumstances!

We can literally change our internal biology and external circumstances by what we think!

So how do we change the way we think?

This takes practice and is more easily and quickly done with the assistance of a Health Coach.

As  Health Coaches, we will help you find your insight into your personal goals; steps to achieve those goals; accountability to progress each step; encouragement and support along your path to personal achievement.

PLUS Resources! Books, CD's and networking with other Health Coaches,  Essential Oils and Nutritional Support

We can give you workout programs and recipes for nutritional success

Once you get this rolling, you can be unstoppable! It's a matter of getting it going and that's what I'm here for-- to get you on your path to self realization and fulfillment and keep you going until you achieve your goals!!

Let's get together and set up a game plan that works for you

Together we can tailor a program suited just for you


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