OM Nia 

Fusion of Dance and Yoga!

MAY 15  6:30 pm

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Space Limited

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Tai Chi   QiGong

BaGua  Xinling

This form is 8 soft, gentle movements that connect the practitioner with each of the eight trigrams of the BaGua. Through regular practice of the 8 slow movements you will be able to clear your mind and heart, strengthen your body while restoring movement of the spine and awaken your vitality.

with  Jay and Jenn Bartholomew


Thai Massage Workshop

​JUNE    15 - 17

See Thai Massage Page

       LEARN TO MAKE YOUR OWN                                   KOMBUCHA

                 MAY 19     1 PM



​Belly  Dancing with Sohara

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

​10:30 - 12:30