YOGA: The Instructor takes into consideration the attendees of the class and modifies accordingly to their needs. All levels are welcome and the Instructor is very attuned to meet the needs of the beginner, while challenging the regular yogi/yogini.

PILATES 101: Specifically designed for the beginner, this class emphasizes the Core Principles of Pilates in a slow progression, building a strong, functional foundation to move on to the next level of classes.


Vinyasa Flow based on Ashtanga, Yoga/Gentle and Restorative, Yoga for Back Care and Yoga for Mobility and Flexibility.

PILATES MAT w/ PROPS: Pilates Mat blended with the use of foam rollers, therabands, physioballs and the Magic Ring.

TOWER: Pilates exercises performed with individual springs and trapeze bars to bring a new dimension to your exercise training program. Just another way to challenge your mind and your body!

REFORMER: Pilates exercises performed on the Reformer, enhancing the Mat work. Build a strong Core at the same time you stretch the muscles and bring the body into balance. Amazing results in a short time!

PILATES MAT:  This is the Classic Pilates Mat routine, the original sequence Joseph Pilates created, emphasizing his key principles of focus, concentration, strength, flexibility, breath connection to movement, and utilizing the Power House. 


JUMP BOARD: In combination with upper body and core work as done on the Reformer, this class utilizes the Jump Board for additional cardio with NO impact to the ankle, knees or hips. And everyone just loves it because it is SO Much FUN!